Tips to Voice your Concerns and Get Results in your Community

Disagreements among homeowners and fellow board members are bound to happen. However, that’s not always a bad thing. When they’re handled properly, disagreements can lead to unexpected solutions and common ground. Below are five tips to help you keep disagreements in check and voice your concerns so you get results. Time Your Concerns Appropriately It’s [...]

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Garage Sales and Your HOA Community

Even if you haven’t kept up with your New Year’s resolutions like you had hoped to, February is still the season of “New Year, New Me,” which means you shouldn’t give up yet on accomplishing those things on your goal list! For many people, one of the best ways to feel like they’re getting a [...]

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Strengthening Your Community

The community in which we live has a great influence on our lives. Whether that’s relaxing during the summer at the community pool. Or, on the other hand, getting frustrated that our neighbor’s perennials don’t mesh well in the spring. Comfortable, stable communities significantly improve the quality of our lives. Strong communities often have accessible [...]

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Short-Term Rentals in Associations

Have you wondered whether it’s allowed to rent out your home on a short-term basis? After hearing so much in the news lately about short-term rentals arranged through websites or mobile apps such as Airbnb. The answer really depends on many factors, including where your home is located, what type of home you own, and [...]

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Five Tips to Run a Successful Board Meeting in One Hour or Less

Board meetings should be meaningful and well-organized affairs. Serving on an association board is voluntary, so the board members involved have a life to live outside of the board. One of the most important things a board can do is hold an effective board meeting to make the best use of time! When conducting your [...]

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Types of Committees – Part 2

Welcome back to our two-part series on committees. In the first post, we talked about how committees can benefit an HOA and how to organize them effectively. Today we are going to highlight the various types of committees and hopefully help you identify which are best suited to your needs. There are eight popular types [...]

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Five Things to Check for on Your Association’s Gate

Just like anything, the only way to keep an automated gate, even a compliant one, in good working condition is to make sure it receives regular inspections by a qualified individual. While we recommended a professional be responsible for all gate inspections, it’s important for board members to have a basic understanding of what to [...]

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Homeowners Association Reserve Study Infographic

In our last post, we broke down the details on reserve funds in your HOA and how you HOA property management company can help you plan for the future.  We've created this handy infographic to help keep it simple. Happy Planning!   How much does your association need in reserve funds and how can [...]

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Reserve Funds: Do You Know How Much Your HOA Needs?

How Much Does Your HOA Need? Funding community operations is one of the most important functions of an HOA board. Typically, there are two types of funds in your HOA - operating funds and reserve funds. Operating funds are used to take care of day-to-day operations. Examples of operating funds might be contracted services (gate, [...]

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The Value of Committees – Part 1

A well-managed community is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Instead of burdening the board and community managers with every HOA need, consider using volunteer-based committees. Like board members, volunteers from your community have the best interest of the neighborhood in mind. By leveraging their willingness to help out, [...]

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