March 2017

Energy Efficiency and your HOA Community

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Taking your HOA to a place of energy efficiency doesn't have to mean accepting a different standard of living. With today's technological advances, becoming energy efficient can be as simple as switching out light bulbs or practicing strategic landscaping. Going green not only saves your community money, it can also increase desirability for buyers committed [...]

All About Executive Sessions for HOA Boards

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Unlike traditional board meetings, executive sessions are held by the HOA board to discuss privileged or confidential material generally tied to disciplinary action or personnel matters. Having a good understanding of when and how to conduct executive sessions can save your HOA considerable time and work in the long run. If you're not sure what kind [...]

HOA Housekeeping 101: Proper Waste Removal and Outdoor Neatness

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The word "housekeeping" may call up images of shower scrubbing, dusting and vacuuming; but the kind of housekeeping we're talking about has to do with maintaining proper waste removal and outdoor neatness in your community. When sidewalks are swept, poop is scooped, and loose garbage is picked up, your community will shine with pride of [...]

Understanding Your HOA Documents

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Understanding your governing documents is essential to every association - without governing documents, an HOA would not exist! These documents serve a specific purpose in the community and allow the association to function. An association board or individual board member may be held legally liable for failure to follow local, state, and federal laws, or [...]

Increase Participation at Annual HOA Meetings

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While members of the association should understand that it is in their own best interest to attend the annual meeting of the members, many do not realize how important these meetings are. Failure to attend annual meetings results in failure to meet quorum, which in turn results in frustration and disappointment for board members - [...]

Taxes and Your HOA Community – To File or Not

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If you live in a planned community, there is a good chance questions have come up about taxes and if your community needs to file them. We've heard many people admit that they didn't realize their community needed to file tax returns. Even though it isn't an uncommon problem for self-managed associations, depending on how your [...]

February 2017

Dealing with Difficult Residents

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At some point, every community will face conflict and difficult people. When this occurs, remember that patience and communication always prevail. By managing your reactions, listening and asking the right questions, your community and board will come to a resolution. The first way to deal with conflict is to understand the different types of behavior [...]

How To Create an Effective Newsletter for your HOA

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In today’s hectic world, very few find the time to seek out information concerning news and events in their community; this can sometimes lead to apathy among homeowners. One way to prevent this is to make it easy for homeowners to stay informed, and one of the most productive ways to distribute information is through [...]

Tips to Voice your Concerns and Get Results in your Community

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Disagreements among homeowners and fellow board members are bound to happen. However, that’s not always a bad thing. When they’re handled properly, disagreements can lead to unexpected solutions and common ground. Below are five tips to help you keep disagreements in check and voice your concerns so you get results. Time Your Concerns Appropriately It’s [...]

Garage Sales and Your HOA Community

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Even if you haven’t kept up with your New Year’s resolutions like you had hoped to, February is still the season of “New Year, New Me,” which means you shouldn’t give up yet on accomplishing those things on your goal list! For many people, one of the best ways to feel like they’re getting a [...]