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If one of them amenities offered at your Arizona HOA management community is a fitness center, then you most likely have rules in place for access and use of that center. Obviously most rules are basic, for the safety and cleanliness of the fitness center, to lessen the potential liability if an accident were to occur. But be careful, some of these rules could potentially violate fair housing laws. It is very important that your fitness center rules, or any rules for that matter, comply with the fair housing laws.

Make sure your Arizona HOA management fitness center rules are reasonable. Rules that promote safety, security, and cleanliness are all reasonable. The following rules are examples of reasonable rules: restricting children under a certain age from using the fitness equipment, restricting pregnant women from using certain fitness equipment, advising members with certain medical conditions to not use certain fitness equipment, and requiring members to not let any nonmembers into the gym without being accompanied by a member.

Your Arizona HOA management community should create the specifics of the fitness center rules based on objective criteria. Consider the following when creating your fitness center rules:

  • Warnings and guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
  • Any state and/or local laws.
  • Professional health clubs and gyms.

When creating the rules for your fitness center, you need to remember to write the rules based on behavior, NOT types of people. Once you have your fitness rules completed, it is very important that you post the finalized rules in clear sight for all members to read. If certain pieces of equipment require their own rules, then make sure to post those specific rules near that equipment. By creating fair housing compliant rules, you can effectively help protect your association against liability.

Now that you have these compliant rules for your fitness center, you MUST enforce them equally. It’s not enough to simply have these rules posted, you could still potentially get into legal trouble if you and your staff do not enforce the rules properly and equally. I cannot stress enough about how important consistency is when enforcing these rules, treat all members equally to avoid fair housing law issues.


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