Vote at Your HOA Annual Meeting in San Antonio

Tuesday, November 2, 2010 By: HOA Admin
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Have you ever been to your homeowners association’s annual meeting in San Antonio?  You can make a difference in your neighborhood if you attend the annual HOA meeting in your subdivision.  When you attend these meetings you are able to cast your vote for new board members.  Let your voice be heard and show up to the next annual meeting and vote for the next board member in your neighborhood in San Antonio.

Showing up at your HOA annual meeting shows you are taking an interest in the future of your neighborhood.  Your vote matters and can have an impact on your HOA.

Just like voting in your HOA is important, make sure you get out today and vote.  The Country needs your involvement.  If you haven’t voted early it’s time to get out and vote today!  You can find your polling location by clicking on the following link:

Let your voice be heard, get out and vote!

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