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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 By: HOA Admin
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Katy Texas has had an amazing amount of growth in recent years.  We are happy to serve homeowners in Katy by managing their homeowners association.  In fact, we have an office very close to you.  We’re located on Park Row just near IH-10.

Are you serving on an HOA Board of Directors in Katy and want to consider changing management companies?  We invite you to give us a shot.  We would be more than happy to discuss ways we feel we can improve your HOA.  While Katy, TX is a very new area it is important to have a good HOA management company helping you keep your neighborhood looking it’s best.

We focus not only on keeping your neighborhood looking nice, but on providing a good experience for every homeowner that contacts us.  We want to help you build a sense of community.  As your development in Katy grows and ages, make sure you pick an HOA management company that will help you in that process.  Some important things to remember as your HOA matures:

1.  Make sure you communicate with your homeowners.

People want to understand what is going on in their neighborhood and how they can help.  Homeowners want to understand how they can help keep the neighborhood nice.  Many first time home buyers don’t think about how the HOA actually helps them keep their property values high.  By communicating things you can do to keep your neighborhood nice through a newsletter or e-mail list you’ll find a lot of people interested in helping.  A simple idea along this line:  Ask people to make sure they maintain their fences.  Fences that are in disarray do not look appealing and are uninviting to potential buyers.

2.  Make sure you keep the common areas groomed.

People pay their dues so that the HOA will maintain the common areas.  Make sure you use this money wisely.  Remember, it is there for a purpose……you need to spend it on upkeep and maintenance.

More to tips to come later!

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